I never decided to become an artist, Art chose me

I never decided to become an artist, Art chose me
Layal Khawly was born and raised in Beirut, Lebanon.

Admitted to ALBA, she has studied Interior Architecture and then ob­tained a Master's degree in Visual arts to pursue a passion she was born with. Layal has always believed that both architecture and art reflect the same desire to create something beautiful and appealing through the use of structure and colors.

Since her early childhood, Khawly was considered to be gifted and was already recognized for her drawings and paintings; she had magic in her hands and stars in her eyes for a world she believed was made of unseen beauty.

Captivated by the wonders around her and the infinite choice of art and freedom, she let her emotions guide her through every stage of her artist life.
Layal started painting since she was a little girl, her thirst for the world of art allowed her to see new perspectives when there were none. Growing up with this passion, she has reached a certain notoriety that led her, in May 2016, to being selected by the Chinese Ministry of Culture to represent her country at the National Museum of Art in Shanghai.
Constantly inspired by her surroundings, her childhood memories of safety, peace and raw beauty, her paintings come to life in a graceful way to demonstrate a state of being that is utterly free of barriers. Directed by her feelings and senses, Layal's paintings reflect the world as she sees it; a canvas of unbounded beauty longing to be revealed.