11 July 2016

“Vento d’Oriente”, Lebanese art in Venice

The wind blew from the East on the city of Venice in Italy, where the exhibition “Vento d’Oriente”, featuring 16 Lebanese artists, dazzles with colors and energy. It is organized at the Palazzo Priuli Bon by Loreta Larkina’s art gallery from July 23rd to 28th. Such an exhibition reminds us that historically, both Venice and Beirut have derived their richness from being commercial and cultural hubs between the East and the West.

Layal Khawly’s depictions of old Lebanese houses and such typical scenery takes us back to an older time when rural or urban life were easier to live in, unlike today, in our cities that have been invaded by high rises and imposing structures. Nostalgically, they take us back to our sentimental roots. Using a semi-abstracted painting style, she creates lovely paintings reminding us of our attachment to origins and roots.